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in the Jungle of Colombia

From 29 April to 08 May

From July 29 to August 7

From 28 October to 06 November

and experience yourself...

To get the best views... of yourself

A unique, profound, and unforgettable experience in the Colombian Amazon


We will physically travel to the jungle, but inwardly to the core of ourselves. We will enter the jungle, but we will be accessing our own wild nature

Immersion in the Colombian jungle, where wonderful processes of connection with nature, with the healing plants, and with the purity of the water takes place

The meeting point is the HOLISTIC EPICENTRE OF MOCOA "CASA DEL RÍO", which is owned by the members of Beyond Inner Global Movement

Our house is next to two rivers, one of which runs through the middle of our property

We have 8 rooms with private bathrooms, from 1 to 4 people in each room

The town of Mocoa is only 10 minutes away by taxi and the nearest airport is 30 minutes away

The places we visit during the day in the jungle are a 2-3 hour walk from our house

The typical food is prepared by a Colombian family who lives in the house and takes care of the travelers

On the departure, we carry suitcases full of illusions, fantasies, expectations, and above all many things from the past.

On the way back we bring the resources of the jungle installed in our bodies and transforming energy in each of our cells. This experience is unique and unrepeatable, it invites you to meditate on your health, your place in the world, your life circumstances, and how you would like to see them evolve.

Each person finds his moment and his opportunity to overcome when he makes the leap, not when he is ready to take it, but once the decision is made, then the process itself makes the preparation happen naturally.



Founder of Ayahuasca Travels and Beyond Inner

"It is a journey of no return because we never come back the same as when we left"

What does it include?

9 days of jungle retreat in our Holistic Epicentre Casa Del Rio with:

  • Ayahuasca every day during the retreat, one of them will be prepared by us
  • Kambo vaccine (3 applications)
  • 1 collective Bufo Alvarius session
  • 1 collective San Pedro session
  • Different moments of conscious integration
  • 1 Changa collective shot
  • Ayahuasca preparation and elaboration workshop
  • Excursion in the jungle and visit the waterfall Hornoyaco
  • Excursion to the waterfall Fin Del Mundo with San Pedro session
  • 1 night before and 1 night after the trip in our nearest epicenter (check with your personal consultant)
  • Accommodation and regional home-cooked meals
  • First night in Bogota (dinner and breakfast), we met ... The whole group in a 5* hotel with breakfast and transfer to the airport included in a shared room.

You will take as a GIFT an Ayahuasca vine and a quantity of the preparation that we will prepare

If you buy your trip before 30 days from the date of the Retreat, we gift you the plane ticket from Bogotá to the jungle, round trip!

We will enjoy a MUSICAL CONCERT

by a traditional group with a dance performance

Who are we?

We are a multinational company dedicated to organizing Inner Evolution events all over the world, with more than 15 years of experience taking groups to the Colombian jungle.

Ayahuasca Travels was born from the deep desire to connect with ourselves, in contact with nature. We have made dozens of trips guided by native people who know the place.

With a 24/7 accompaniment by an international team of facilitators and therapeutic professionals to discover the origin of ayahuasca, and to take advantage of the best views of ourselves.

Alberto José Varela

Entrepreneur, writer, creator of techniques and methods, founder of several schools in the motivational, therapeutic and spiritual fields, with a clear evolutionary message to the world. Researcher, self-taught student, and international lecturer, with more than 40 years of experience in organizational management and HR, he comes with a completely transforming proposal. Originality at the service of inner evolution, transcendence at the service of human transformation.

"I am not a name; neither am I a man, nor a father, entrepreneur, writer, guru, or mentor. Beware of being distracted by my characters because I only use them to convey the essential. If you can transcend what I say and show, you will find the mystery that dwells within you. I use language, myself, and everything I can, to reach you and bring you closer to my discoveries".

The eldest son of Alberto, he has been the one who accompanied his father in the beginnings more than 15 years ago, when they started their processes of deep inquiry into shamanic medicines in the Amazon jungle and is currently one of the teachers of the Beyond Inner International School and mentor of facilitators of Inner Mastery, Ayahuasca International and Conscious School. A master in the art of presence and musical accompaniment.

Elián Varela

Paula Carmona

Born in Colombia, she is the Director of Ayahuasca Travels and now takes people from all over the world to her home country so that people can learn firsthand where and how the most powerful medicine of the Amazon rainforest is prepared.Paula is the owner of the epicenter and one of the directors of the international organization BEYOND INNER GLOBAL MOVEMENT.

As a facilitator, mentor, and organizer of the jungle trips. She currently works in the company Evolución Interior in the Human Resources department. She has been accompanying people on retreats for more than 15 years, inspiring them to reconnect with Love and regain Trust.


Cost per person

2700€ o INC

  • Full participation in the 10-day retreat
  • Pre-interview

Request information and one of our consultants will contact you to arrange a pre-interview, purchase your flight, and coordinate the arrival of your trip with the rest of the group

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